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Chris Christie investigation turning up questionable expenses

Chris ChristieNew Jersey Governor Chris Christie is facing a federal investigation into his alleged misuse of millions of dollars of Hurricane Sandy relief funds, with investigators particularly eying $25 million used in an advertisement campaign aimed at bringing tourism back to the Jersey Shore in the wake of the natural disaster.

The popular, widely-broadcast ads starred Christie and his family while he was campaigning for reelection, prompting many on both sides of the political aisle to question whether Christie used those funds for political campaigning efforts.  But today, it was revealed that the federal investigation is turning up a whole lot more than just the ad itself.

Investigators are now claiming that Christie’s office may have wrongfully used another $2 million of funding for purposes not at all related to the Hurricane Sandy recovery effort.  And furthermore, some of those funds were apparently spent on the order of Governor Christie himself.

A memo leaked to the media Monday afternoon shows that the Department Of Justice is heavily scrutinizing seven expenditures, and has called in several members of Christie’s staff to ascertain how these funds related to Hurricane Sandy relief.  These questionable items include:

  • $247,000 to hire caterers for a supposed “relief fundraising dinner party” at Christie’s home, which only Governor Christie himself attended, without inviting any other guests
  • $92,000 worth of donkey manure, which was allegedly sent to the office of the mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey after it was shaped up to look like a cake
  • $188,000 spent on building a so-called “strategic Twinkie reserve,” when the Hostess company was in the process of going out of business (before they were bought out)
  • $12,000 allocated to gym equipment for Christie’s private residence, which was allegedly never once used
  • $470,000 to hire British rock legends Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, of Led Zeppelin fame, to record a personal rendition of their song “The Crunge,” which features the famous line “I’m just trying to find the bridge… has anybody seen the bridge?,” which Christie’s office used to troll the mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey
  • $867,000 to hire world-renowned chefs Gordon Ramsay, Wolfgang Puck, Guy Fieri, Mario Batali, and Rachael Ray to cater a Superbowl party, which again, Christie attended by himself, without inviting guests
  • $212,000 spent toward pizza, which Christie’s office claims was “a test to see which pizza restaurant in New Jersey makes the best pies, as a part of our efforts to help promote small business growth in the wake of Sandy”
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