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Climate scientist frozen to death; was headed to global warming rally

snowyroad[BINGHAMTON, NY] A climate scientist from Virginia was found dead in his car on Wednesday evening, after apparently freezing to death while driving to Syracuse University, where he was scheduled to speak at a global warming rally and fundraiser.

Authorities say that Walter J. Evans, 44, of Arlington, Virginia, was stopping in Binghamton, New York to visit a friend, who was only identified as a professor at Binghamton University, before the two of them headed to Syracuse together.  Evans was found dead in his car outside the professor’s home by a pair of neighbors.

Binghamton police say Evans was waiting in his car for approximately two hours on Wednesday, when temperatures in the city ranged from -10°F to 10 °F, and even lower with the wind chill factor.  Hypothermia was named the cause of death, with coroners saying Evans started freezing to death before he even reached Binghamton.

Evans, a close friend of former Vice President Al Gore, was a leading scientist in the field of climate change, otherwise known as global warming.  He had published several books and hundreds of papers on the subject.  In April, his latest book, titled “HOT!  Earth is getting hotter and we’re all going to die!,” is set to go on sale.

“We lost a great voice in the climate change community last night.  He will be greatly missed,” said one MIT scientist via a Facebook update this morning.  “Climate was his passion, and sadly, it was climate that did him in.  But if anything, this only proves his points.  Weather it’s global warming or global cooling, scientists definitely agree that the Earth is trying really, really hard to kill us, and that’s entirely our fault.”

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