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Colorado “pot shops” booming financially, but struggling in other ways

marijuanaSince recreational marijuana’s legalization in Colorado on January 1st, legal marijuana-related businesses in the Centennial State have been booming.  Often referred to as “pot shops,” the media has reported heavily on the huge profits pouring into these companies.  But business leaders in this emerging market do admit that they face some challenges that aren’t typical in the retail industry.

One company’s owner explained that his pot shop has endured unexpected expenditures.  “The news media talks about how much we have coming in, but they don’t mention how much is going back out,” he explained.  “The orange crud from Doritos and cheesy puffs jams up the buttons on cash registers.  Employees keep shuffling up our shelves, organizing our products not alphabetically, but how each made them feel while watching the TV show `Friends.’  We’re hemorrhaging money and for all the wrong reasons.

“I’ve worked in retail my whole life, as a clerk, then as a shift supervisor, working all the way up to a regional management position.  I owned two businesses myself before this, too.  And never, in all my forty-plus years of retail work, have I ever seen expenses quite like these,” he continued.  “It’s a lot of small quirks that are all adding up to one major issue, but once we hammer the kinks out I’m sure we’ll be fine.”

Another Denver pot shop owner says customers are causing problems as well.  “It’s really important that as a retail outlet, we maintain a certain flow of traffic through the store, so that customers can move around easily,” he said.  “That’s been a major issue for us so far.  Yesterday, we had a dozen customers standing around in front of the entrance, staring endlessly into our `open’ sign.  We need to figure out how to keep people moving.  Maybe put a TV up in the back of the store showing a Phish concert with really chunky grooves?  I’m not sure.”

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