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David Vitter shares disturbing pic while tweeting gubernatorial run

David VitterSenator David Vitter (R-LA) managed to haunt himself with his old prostitution scandal on Tuesday, after accidentally sharing a disturbing photograph of himself on Twitter while posting about his gubernatorial run, which he announced earlier in the day.

At approximately 8:05 PM EST, Vitter tweeted the comment “Ready to do whatever it takes to win!”  This was accompanied by a link to an image, which Vitter apparently uploaded from his mobile phone.  But that image was quickly removed from his Twitter page a few minutes later… because it was definitely not the one he meant to share with the world.

The photo, which we aren’t showing due to its graphic nature, showed Vitter wearing a diaper and a baby’s hat, sucking on a pacifier, while sitting in what appeared to be a large, man-sized crib.  To his right was a younger woman, also dressed in a diaper (but otherwise nude) and holding what appeared to be a sex toy.  On their left, an older woman was dressed up as what we presume to be a babysitter, squirting milk from an oversized baby bottle on both Vitter and the unidentified younger woman.

The image was only live on Vitter’s Twitter for approximately three minutes, before the Tweet was taken down.  It is unclear if the photo was shared accidentally, if Vitter’s phone and/ or Twitter account were hacked, or if this was some form of prank carried out by someone with access to his phone.

Vitter’s office refused to comment on the disturbing image, with one spokesperson telling PTP that the accidental image share “never happened,” while stating that “David Vitter is a deeply religious and honorable man.  If the Anthony Weiner story taught us anything, it’s that people really can change, and a person’s past perversions can be completely and utterly left behind them.  And David Vitter is at least twice the man Anthony Weiner ever was!”

We don’t like to inject opinions into news stories at PTP, but based on the photo we saw today of Vitter, and the ones we’ve seen in the past of Anthony Weiner… no, Vitter really isn’t “twice the man” Weiner is.  In fact, he’s only about 1/8th the man.  But it may have been cold in the room where the photo was taken.

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