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John Boehner’s Republican pollster uncovers startling GOP facts

House Speaker John Boehner recently touted the results of a Republican pollster, claiming that for the first time ever, a majority of Americans blame President Barack Obama for the nation’s current economic troubles over former President George W. Bush.  But some in the media point out that Republican pollsters have a reputation for bias findings; republican pollsters also famously predicted a landslide victory for Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential race, for instance.

While the numbers might not conclusively prove much about President Obama, they do reveal some shocking facts about Republicans themselves.  That poll, which sampled only conservatives, had some startling numbers that Boehner failed to bring up during his recent closed meeting.  Some of these polling figures include the following:

(NOTE:  These findings are labeled as representing Americans in general, though the pollster actually asked these questions to conservatives only)

  • 93% of Americans believe “Duck Dynasty” is the greatest television show ever made
  • 85% of Americans think that Obama is “making gay marriage legal” in multiple states because he’s socialist (we don’t understand, either)
  • 82% of Americans believe Christianity should become the “official religion” of the United States
  • 79% of Americans think that illegal immigration started “in 2008, after Obama became President” (please note that Obama became president on January 20th of 2009)
  • 77% of Americans think Miley Cyrus is a North Korean spy, and that “twerking” is a secret form of sending encrypted messages back to Kim Jong Un
  • 76% of Americans want the word “God” added to the pledge of allegiance more times, so that it would read “I pledge allegiance to the flag and to God, of the United States of America and God, and to the Republic for which it stands with God, one nation of God, under God, Indivisible because God hates math, for liberty, God, justice, and God for all.  And also, God.”
  • 71% believe Michelle Obama is secretly Oprah Winfrey, leading a double-life
  • 69% of Americans want Pope Francis “impeached” for his, quote, “liberal, socialist leanings”
  • 57% of Americans believe Obama caused Hurricane Katrina
  • 55% of Americans think Hillary Clinton is “secretly pulling the strings” in Washington DC
  • 51% of Americans believe that Ronald Reagan was one of America’s Founding Fathers
  • 42% of Americans believe Benghazi was worse than the Holocaust
  • 29% of Americans believe schools should be shut down completely, due to their burden on taxpayers
  • 14% of Americans believe Obama personally taps the phones of everyone in the United States, and listens to every single phone call they make
  • 9% of Americans believe Sarah Palin should NOT become president
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