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Martin Luther King Jr. Day inspires new holidays

Martin Luther King JrMartin Luther King Jr. Day’s arrival means that several businesses shut down in honor of the Civil Rights Leader’s birthday. For most, this tradition of not working on this day is observed since King would always take his birthday off to eat cake, see his wife and perhaps even enjoy some riveting conversation with Malcolm X. But some businesses don’t shut down or let their employees take the day off, and for that, some citizens are upset.

“It’s simple rule. It’s a day to relax and remember all that Dr. King’s done for us,” say Rudy Jackson, 28. “If you can’t then you’re racist! I feel like the government should be doing more to make this holiday even better and stronger! Maybe havin’ a parade of some sort, or serving cake on the streets, or maybe even screenings of the film ‘X’ at some movie theaters. There’s too much lack of initiative!”

But because of this other races have begun getting upset at the fact they don’t get a day off for certain holidays. One of those people is Ramesh Patel, 30, from India.

“I don’t get Columbus day off. I mean historically speaking, that bastard was looking for us. Just because he didn’t want to look like an idiot over 3 boats the King of Spain paid for doesn’t mean that I have to go into work. Its only fair that all Indians, from India, get Columbus Day and do what’s right for my people.”

Even the Latino community has come out with ideas of their own.

“We would like to propose our rightful holiday,” claims Hector Rodriguez, President of the National Latino Work & Labor Rights Faction, “Ponce De Leon Friday or Fountain of Youth Day! This would involve parades, water gun fights and the Latin Youth acting as adults to make it the most adorable of all holidays. The day would be capped off with Latin folk giving their Caucasian friends chocolate fountains as a gift, as a token of forgiveness and as a reminder that we are going to keep the 3 states that really belonged to Mexico in the first place.”

These are hopefully dreams that will come true and further honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

About Krish Mohan

Krish is an Indian Stand Up Comedian, Writer and Improviser that regularly performs at various Comedy Clubs, Colleges, Bars, Theaters & Coffee Shops, telling stories about his family, past & current relationships, & commenting on race, immigration, religion, social and cultural issues. He is also part of the long-form Improv team, Almost Infamous, who perform regularly in theaters and colleges around the region. Krish is also the Host, Writer & Creator of the Weekly Socio-Political Satire Video Series & Podcast, Fork Full of Noodles. Krish is also a writer for the various DC Based Satire & Comedy Blogs, LYGO DC & Pardon the Pundit.
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