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Media glad about end to “The Newsroom,” can go back to crummy coverage

Jeff DanielsHBO announced on Monday that along with Boardwalk Empire and True Blood,  their show The Newsroom, starring Jeff Daniels and penned by Aaron Sorkin, will end after its third season, which is scheduled to air in the Fall of this year.  Fans of the show seemed upset by the news when the story broke, but one group couldn’t be happier about the news media drama’s end… the news media itself.

“The Newsroom” is a show about the team behind a fictional nightly news program, who decide to break from convention and report on the stories that actually matter, stripping bias from their reporting and refusing to invent an opposing argument when there rightly isn’t one, for the sake of appearing nonpartisan.

The show has gotten wildly positive reviews from viewers, with an astonishing 8.4/ 10 viewer score on review aggregator Metacritic.  But the news media has been highly critical of the show, accusing it of… well… showing the world all the different ways the news media does an absolutely terrible job at reporting the news.

“It’s really not fair the way `Newsroom’ takes jabs at us,” said one CNN employee we spoke with, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of losing her job.  “Is it true that we’ll cut corners and leave out important facts to keep our audience from assuming we’re taking sides?  Absolutely.  But what would [Sorkin] have us do?  Report actual news and force accountability on people by fact-checking the things they say?  That would be ridiculous.  You can’t run a news network successfully by just showcasing facts and holding everyone’s feet to the fire for the stuff they say.  That’s unrealistic!”

Another anonymous media figure, this one from Fox News, was equally angered by the episode of the show he’d seen.  “I’m not upset that they go after the Tea Party.  I’d never say this where I work, but the Tea Party has been terrible for Republicans.  I feel like I can’t even tell people I’m a moderate.  But for this show to claim the news media refuses to tell the truth and report factually for fear of appearing biased is absolutely, one-hundred percent true.  How dare this show besmirch the good name of the news media by showcasing all the terrible things we do wrong?”

Another media figure said HBO’s cancelation was all in a day’s work.  “We in the news media worked around the clock to bash this show and belittle it.  Even though it’s really a great show, we did everything we could to crap on it and make the show’s fans feel inferior for liking it.  So for HBO to cancel this, I feel like it was a job well done on our parts.  It takes time to heal, but soon we’ll be able to half-ass our news coverage without feeling guilty about it, just like the good ole’ days.  I can’t wait until this third season is over!”

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