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New female conservative PAC raises $183 on opening night

Kelly AyotteA new political action committee aimed at bringing women into the Republican Party and raising funds for female republican candidates revealed on Wednesday that their Tuesday evening launch party was a bit of a flop.  RightNOW Women PAC only managed to raise $182.94 Tuesday evening, out of an estimated 400 attendees, most of whom were young women.

Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), who delivered the keynote at last night’s event, told reporters on Wednesday that she was disheartened by the group’s lackluster start.  “I really thought this would take off far better than it did.  The GOP has been great for women’s issues over the years, and I’m surprised so few pitched in toward making a better future for female conservatives.  But I’m not giving up hope.  The year has only just begun.”

Most analysts, however, aren’t as optimistic for the group’s future.  One nonpartisan think tank points out that young female voters are “disturbed” by the GOP’s stances on workplace equality, women’s choice, and their treatment of Planned Parenthood, which “provides a myriad of health services to women beyond the abortions the GOP rants about.”

Still, the group does have some female conservative voters on their sides.  One woman PTP spoke with after the launch party said she’s excited about the PAC’s future potential.  “My husband let me vote for Mitt Romney in 2012, and he gave me $20 last night to pitch in to this PAC.  People always say deeply conservative households are `regressive,’ whatever that means, but my husband cares deeply about women’s issues.  As long as I clean the house and have dinner on the table before he gets home from the mill, and I let him go out drinking and never ask him about the lipstick on his collar, he loves me and treats me the way a woman deserves to be treated.  He’s only hit me on the nose with a rolled up newspaper twice this year!  I don’t know why liberals hate women, but they obviously do.”

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