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Snowy owls invade U.S. soil; paperwork required

snowy owlOver the last few weeks, there has been an invasion in the U.S. Not from people, or aliens, but from the Snowy Owl. These birds are moving as far south as Florida, territory they are not used to. The invasion has caused quite a bit of stir in the communities that these birds have been spotted in.

“How come these birds just get to waltz in here and catch whatever they want!” says Hector Ramos, Green Card holder. “It took me 10 years to get my Green Card and now these Owls just come right in and no one says anything! Why aren’t we interrogating these guys? What are they up to?”

Scientist say this normally happens.  When population of the Snowy Owls spike they move further south to find food. Once again, this is not a popular answer.

“They just come flyin’ in here like they own the got-dang space! Eatin’ up all the food of the American birds!” says Walter Smith, angrily. “What the heck are they here to do? Take hard workin’ Americans’ jobs!? My brother’s been lookin’ for a job for 3 years and now these birds come right in from Russia and try to take all the jobs! These birds need to fly right to immigration and get themselves the right paperwork! You don’t see American Bald Eagles goin’ up to wherever they want and takin’ all they feather jobs and crossing borders and what not!”

There is no word on whether there will be any sort of government intervention to get these birds the correct paperwork. Most government officials say that owls are not evolved enough to understand what paper is.

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Krish is an Indian Stand Up Comedian, Writer and Improviser that regularly performs at various Comedy Clubs, Colleges, Bars, Theaters & Coffee Shops, telling stories about his family, past & current relationships, & commenting on race, immigration, religion, social and cultural issues. He is also part of the long-form Improv team, Almost Infamous, who perform regularly in theaters and colleges around the region. Krish is also the Host, Writer & Creator of the Weekly Socio-Political Satire Video Series & Podcast, Fork Full of Noodles. Krish is also a writer for the various DC Based Satire & Comedy Blogs, LYGO DC & Pardon the Pundit.
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